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Understanding and Improving the Revenue Cycle: A Toolkit for Community Health Centers

In order to remain financially viable, health centers must quickly and accurately capture all available patient service revenue. Ensuring efficient and effective processes across the many functions of the revenue cycle is critical to a health center’s financial sustainability. Capital Link will soon be releasing a new toolkit for health centers that provides an overview of the revenue cycle management process and best practices for each function. It also includes suggested key performance indicators and helpful resources. Keep an eye out for our email announcing the release of this resource in the next few weeks.

Steps to Success Cover

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Steps to Success: A Toolkit for Community Health Centers Navigating a Capital Development Venture

Health centers hoping to undertake a capital development project quickly discover that is a complex endeavor. Projects are much more manageable when health centers follow a methodical process with an emphasis on clear project goals and an organized plan to achieve them. Capital Link’s new toolkit will provide health centers with the fundamental building blocks to create a foundation for successful project completion. We will be announcing the release of this toolkit shortly.


Report CA Health Centers Financial and Operational Performance Analysis Cover

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Federally Qualified Health Centers Financial & Operational Performance Analysis 2012-2015

This report provides an aggregate financial and operational profile of community health centers. By presenting multi-year results from health centers nationally, this report offers a framework for identifying the financial strengths, challenges, and benchmarks that support opportunities for performance improvement. We will be releasing this report later this summer.

National Health Center Week Resources

This year’s National Health Center Week (NHCW) is August 13-19, 2017 with the theme of “Celebrating America’s Health Centers: The Key to Healthier Communities.” To help health centers spread the word about the celebration, the Health Center Advocacy Network has a variety of tools and resources on the brand new NHCW website. Access them here.