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Capital Link provides the following programs and services to guide health centers in the process of planning for growth. Each health center we work with has unique needs; we endeavor to meet those needs on an individual basis.

Advancing Financial Strength

Advancing Financial Strength (AFS) is a new technical assistance program from Capital Link that provides health center staff from all levels of the organization with financial and operational benchmarking assistance, tools, and training with the goal of improving health center business operations and financial health.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Capital Link can help guide health centers through the process of creating a dynamic and useful strategic plan that will help them manage strategically and achieve sustainability.

Debt Capacity

Debt capacity is the amount of debt a health center can afford to take on, given its historical or projected financial position. Our Debt Capacity Calculator will give you a preliminary estimate of debt capacity and better understand your capital project funding needs.

Market Assessment

An important early step in any strategic planning effort, a market assessment helps a health center evaluate service areas to determine current and future needs and trends.

Capital Needs Assessment

The Capital Needs Assessment demonstrates the need for federal, state, and local capital investment in health centers. It illustrates the aggregate projected capital needs and summarizes participating health centers’ capital requirements by project type, project priorities, and technical assistance needs. Capital Link also conducts a biennial study to determine the current capital plans of health centers across the United States and whether those plans, if funded and implemented, would be sufficient to provide the facilities necessary to accommodate patient growth.


For more information about the services detailed above, contact us.