Customized financial & operational reports & analyses

Customized financial & operational reports & analyses

Publications, toolkits, news, & case studies

Publications, toolkits, news, & case studies

Presentations, collaboratives, & personalized programs

Presentations, collaboratives, & personalized programs

One-on-one assistance from Capital Link experts

One-on-one assistance from Capital Link experts

Strengthening Health Centers to Support Healthier Communities

Capital Link is a national, non-profit organization that has worked with hundreds of community health centers and Primary Care Associations (PCAs) for 25 years to plan for sustainability and growth, access capital, improve and optimize operations and financial management, and articulate value. Established through the health center movement, Capital Link is dedicated to strengthening health centers—financially and operationally—in a rapidly changing marketplace. Learn More >


Capital Link Launches Third Year of Two Learning Collaboratives

Capital Expansion for Health and Housing Partnerships — APPLY NOW

Serves as a forum for health centers interested in expanding their health services in collaboration with housing facilities. Introductory webinar is scheduled for December 3rd. Learn More >

Capital Projects: Planning, Financing, Completing — Coming Soon

Designed to assist health centers that anticipate the need for a capital project during the next one to five years, this collaborative will provide practical direction and tools for planning, financing, and completing a capital project. Introductory webinar is scheduled for January 14th. Learn More >


Capital Link's Lending Affiliate Receives $650K Award to Support Health Centers

November 19, 2019 - The CDFI Fund announced the awardees of the FY 2019 CDFI Program round, which includes Capital Link's lending affiliate, Capital Fund. Learn More >


Capital Link's 25th Anniversary

This year, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our founding. While we continue to support the community health center movement through a range of technical assistance and lending programs nationally, much has changed since 1994. Learn More >


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Operations and Facilities Planning

Sustainable, effective health center operations can only be achieved when there is alignment of people, process, and place. Capital Link's Operations and Facilities Planning services offer a strategic approach to performance improvement by evaluating current programs, processes, and staff functions so the team performs efficiently while optimizing available resources. Through in-person and remote technical assistance, health center teams have an opportunity to align resources and improve outcomes for patients. These services are customized to address the unique needs of each individual health center.

What Needs Can These Services Address?

Operations And Facilities Planning Floor Plan

  • Operational Readiness for Growth

  • Increased Productivity for Care Teams

  • Leadership Training

  • Change Management

  • Physical Space Assessment to Support Strategic Plans

  • New Process Planning and Implementation

  • Design Development Advisory Services

  • Patient Recruitment and Retention

  • Greater Patient Access through Effective Scheduling

  • Patient Visit Process Flow Improvements

  • Inter-Visit Patient Management

  • Staff Recruitment and Retention

  • Effective Organizational Structure

  • Facility Optimization and/or Design

  • Integrated Care Delivery for Team-Based Care


For more information about these services, please contact Cindy Barr, Operations and Facilities Planner, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 304-876-6996.

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