Market Assessment Process (MAP)

Using a combination of narrative, charts, and maps, the Market Assessment Process (MAP) describes the health center’s market in geographic, demographic, and economic terms. It can identify and evaluate opportunities for growth, marketplace competition, projected market share, demand for services, unmet needs, and emerging trends. Whether or not an expansion is planned, data generated from a MAP can be used to inform a health center’s program and workforce planning and form an excellent basis for financial forecasting and operating grant proposals.

Map for EIA


Community Asset Mapping

With growing evidence that lifestyle choices and access to resources, such as fresh food and safe places to walk, may have a greater influence on health outcomes than health care, it is important for health centers to gain an understanding of all of the factors that influence health in a community. With Community Asset Mapping, you can examine all of the assets – and shortcomings – of your community in order to identify ways to promote healthier behaviors and increase access to resources, therefore positively impacting patient outcomes. 


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