FinancialImpactCOVID19CaliforniaFQHCInfographic Page 1Financial Impact of COVID-19 on California Federally Qualified Health Centers - Infographic

Created with support from the California Health Care Foundation, this infographic highlights California FQHCs’ net projected losses from April through December 2020, after taking into account critical federal support made available through December 2020.


Pages from HoldingOnHowCAsHealthCentersAdaptedDuringPandemicHolding On: How California’s Health Centers Adapted Operations and Care for Patients During the Pandemic

This issue brief, supported by the California Health Care Foundation and authored by Capital Link and Aurrera Health Group, identifies several key factors that enabled California’s health centers to manage the financial strain exacerbated by the pandemic while continuing to serve patients at a time when accessing health care involved new and unanticipated challenges.



Pages from PandemicsFinancialImpactCaliforniasCommunityHealthCentersThe Pandemic’s Financial Impact on California’s Community Health Centers: Largest Centers Suffer Significant Losses

As a follow-up to the analysis of the Financial Impact of COVID-19 on California’s Federally Qualified Health Centers, this issue brief, supported by the California Health Care Foundation and authored by Capital Link, evaluates whether the size, number of sites, payer mix, service mix, or location may have created a differential financial impact on specific groups of centers.




Report CA Financial and Operational Performance Analysis 2013 2017 CoverCalifornia Federally Qualified Health Centers: Financial & Operational Performance Analysis, 2016-2019

Supported by the California Health Care Foundation, this analysis provides an updated statewide, multi-year financial and operational profile. Released in 2020.




Performance Benchmarking Toolkit CoverPerformance Benchmarking Toolkit for California Health Centers

Updated in 2020, this toolkit helps health centers more effectively track performance, understand key drivers and incorporate operational insights for sustainability.





Tracking Social Determinants of Health Interventions 1Tracking Social Determinants of Health: Health Center Reporting of Non-Health Related Services in the Uniform Data System

Supported by Blue Shield of California Foundation, this baseline analysis measures health center efforts to impact the non-clinical dimensions of the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). 





Financial Sustainability Rural CHCs Northeastern CAAnalysis of the Financial Sustainability of Rural Health Centers in Northeastern California

Supported by Blue Shield of California Foundation, this analysis highlights the unique challenges confronting frontier and rural health centers and offers ideas for strengthening operations. 








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