Using a combination of narrative, charts, and maps, Capital Link’s Market Assessment Process (MAP) analyzes a health center’s market in geographic, demographic, and economic terms. It compiles maps and complex analytical data from multiple sources into understandable reports for health centers to use when evaluating service areas and help to determine current and future patient needs. 

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What can your health center do with a MAP report?

  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for growth, competition, projected market share, demand for services, unmet needs, and emerging trends.

  • Use data and analyses to guide your health center’s strategic planning process.

  • Form an excellent basis for financial forecasting and operating grant proposals.

Capital Link provides three types of MAP reports to respond to your health center’s specific questions, needs, and strategic objectives:

1. Market Snapshot
Market Snapshot Sample

Available to individual health centers, or to PCAs as a statewide overview, the Market Snapshot is a preliminary assessment tool that visually communicates demographic characteristics of a target market. These reports provide a strategic framework for a health center as it considers opportunities for service area expansion.First establishing a health center’s primary and secondary service area, market snapshots capture:

  • Patient origin
  • Percent of low-income residents by zip code
  • Number of low-income residents by census tract
  • Percent penetration of low-income population by FQHCs
  • Unserved low-income population 

To view a sample of the individual health center Market Snapshot, click here

2. Market Assessment

A comprehensive market analysis customized to individual health center needs. A Market Assessment Profile provides information on target market, competition, unmet need, and potential opportunities.

3. Business Plan

A customized organizational profile with market assessment that serves as an introduction of a health center to potential lenders and investors. Describes the health center's proposed capital project, the need for capital investment, and the financial implications for the health center.

For more information on our MAP reports, please contact Jonathan Chapman, Chief Project Officer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 970-833-8513.


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