Financial Impact of COVID SAMPLE Health CenterCapital Link's new customizable COVID-19 Impact Report provides a comprehensive, holistic picture of your community health center's revenue loss, pivot to telehealth, COVID-19-related expenses, the influx of relief funds, and the estimated funding gap. This timely data can then be shared with key audiences, like state legislators and congressional staff, policymakers, local and state health authorities, COVID-19 task forces, community stakeholders and partners, your Board, and your patients.

A customized visual data tool like our Impact Report can be invaluable to advocacy efforts to inform and convince funders, donors and investors of your unprecedented funding needs brought on by the pandemic. Providing this information in an easy-to-read and readily available format assists in relaying the significance of health centers, as well as the devastating effect of COVID-19 on your operations and communities.



Individual health centers, PCAs, HCCNs have used this report to:

    • Advocate for federal, state, and local health center funding and support
    • Provide health center members with financial projections and options for funding

Reports can be customized to cover various time periods.

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