Strategic Planning: Preparing in Times of Uncertainty - Dec. 15, 2022

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This training assists health centers in preparation for changes and growth through various strategic planning methods and ideas. By utilizing Capital Link’s publication, the Strategic Business Planning Handbook for Health Centers, we guide participants through the three key components of the strategic planning process and provide tools and information based on extensive experience working with health centers, as well as readily available external resources.

Decision Tree for Financing a Health Center Facility - Dec. 7, 2022

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In this session, we review our capital project financing Decision Tree resource and discuss all the key resources needed in getting your project on the road to success.

Estimating Health Center Project Costs - April 21, 2022

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Any successful health center facility project begins with thoughtful planning, and a capital project budget provides an important roadmap. This webinar will review our new publication, "Estimating Health Center Project Costs," which outlines the main components of a capital project budget and provides assistance in estimating top-line construction costs. Observations and recommendations are based on project cost data provided by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA’s) Fiscal year (FY) 2021 American Rescue Plan (ARP) – Health Center Construction and Capital Improvements (C8E) grant opportunity.  

Designing Your Facility: Preparing Your Team for Space Planning Success - March 15, 2022

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Every health center capital project is a strategic response; perhaps to a crisis like the current COVID-19 pandemic, rapid growth in the community, a long-range plan to upgrade facilities, or an unexpected opportunity like a multi-use development. Based on our new publication, “Designing Your Facility: Preparing Your Team for Space Planning Success,” this webinar will walk health center leadership through the process of defining, preparing, and equipping internal planning teams to work effectively with design teams in defining a flexible, efficient facility that reflects your health center’s unique goals and priorities. 

Financial and Operational Recovery Resources

Leveraging ARP Funding - Capital Planning and Supplemental Financing Options - Oct. 27, 2021

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Join us for an overview of the key planning activities for successfully leveraging your ARP Capital Improvement award. Participants will receive an overview of the tools for planning and financing a capital project, as well as suggestions for supplemental financing options, including New Markets Tax Credits, the HRSA Loan Guarantee Program, USDA, and direct loans. 

Surviving COVID: Charting a Post-Pandemic Path for California's Community Health Centers - Aug. 11, 2021

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This session discusses a series of reports that explore the financial and operational challenges community health centers were facing before the pandemic, how they adapted operations and care during the pandemic, and the policy changes that are needed to ensure their long term stability and sustainability. Hosted by CCALAC and featuring Allison Coleman, CEO of Capital Link, Carlina Hansen of California Health Care Foundation and Dr. Rakesh Patel of Neighborhood Healthcare; and co-sponsored by California Primary Care Association. 

The Quest to Build Financially and Operationally Resilient Health Centers: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic - May 11, 2021


This presentation was delivered at the California Primary Care Association’s annual CFO conference by Allison Coleman, CEO of Capital Link. 

HRSA C8E Capital Funding Opportunity Resources

Capital Link recently hosted a series of capital funding webinars to assist FQHCs interested in applying for HRSA's American Rescue Plan C8E Funding. Although the deadline for this one-time funding opportunity has passed, our webinars provide many useful insights into the planning processes that should occur between now and September 1st, when HRSA is expected to formally make awards and thereafter, to accomplish the planned projects. View all of the recordings, slides, and attachments from our webinar series below. 

Health Center Capital Planning: Building Upon What We Know - June 3, 2021

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This session was delivered as part of a training series offered by Health Center Partners of Southern California. CNECT GPO and Capital Link discuss the capital planning and financing process, and how best to utilize Construction and Capital Improvement (C8E) funding.

​Where will the Balance of Your Project Funding Come From? Developing Your Sources and Uses of Funds - June 3, 2021

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Building upon the previous Project Budget session, learn how to leverage funds for projects from various sources, including local foundations, state and local sources, NMTC, tax-exempt bonds, banks, CDFIs, USDA, HRSA LGP, etc.

Project Budget, Timeline, NOFI, Oh My! - May 27, 2021

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Attachments: Capital Project Budget Template | HRSA ARP C8E Allowable/Unallowable Costs

Learn how to develop a complete project budget, dividing the costs between allowable and unallowable costs, in alignment with the format for the Project Budget required by the C8E application.  

Working with Your Architect (in a Hurry): Site Design, Schematics, EID - May 21, 2021

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C8E application-focused project planning guidance for health centers at any stage of the design process – whether you only have rough ideas on the back of the envelope or you are ready to put the finishing touches on your plans.

C8E Capital Grant Overview and Picking Your Priority Project(s) - May 14, 2021

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An overview of the C8E capital grant opportunity, with guest presenters from NACHC, and a discussion about picking your priority projects and identifying the critical path issues necessary for completing the application by the deadline. 


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